She Wept...
Images property of Meghan Florkowski with Meg Florkowski Creative All Rights Reserved 2018

Images property of Meghan Florkowski with Meg Florkowski Creative All Rights Reserved 2018


Wanting to fully immerse myself in this sacred time of Holy Week, I looked for another means to aid my praying of the Rosary this morning. I quickly came upon the Rosary of the beloved, now home in heaven Fr. Benedict J. Groeschel. His recording The Rosary is a Place, has been something I've wanted to purchase for a while, but have never gotten around to actually doing; perhaps now was the appointed time. Perhaps now is when I would hear the Rosary a new. 

Instantly upon hearing his voice my heart felt enveloped in a truly sacred place. His meditations brought me to the present time of Jesus' Passion in Jerusalem. As each Hail Mary progressed along the Sorrowful Mysteries it was unavoidable to feel the cobblestones of the Via Dolorosa beneath my feet; I soon found myself overcome with tears, weeping from my deepest soul. My heart ached for what Jesus' experienced on my behalf, what he endured because of what I would someday do. The intensity of my grief, the heaviness of my sins continued to overwhelm me, what had I done to my Lord, what do I continue to do to him through my words, actions and often lack of actions, I thought. How can I continue to receive Him knowing how I fail to love, and so often.

As the Rosary continued a beautiful song began to play " Help me walk in this path of love...I can't do it alone, but I can do it with you"; a gentle prayer of offering wrapped amidst the most powerful prayer The Holy Rosary. Each mystery Fr. Groeschel so poignantly outlined what might have gone on in the heart of Jesus and his mother. He continued about the depth of not only Jesus' pain but that of Mary. Father noted that in the Oriental tradition, grief would have been openly expressed through loud verbal exhortations and cries. However Father was clear to make the point that Mary would not have grieved in this way, for she would have remained silent. No sound or expression could have fully expressed the depth of her intense grief upon seeing her Son, the baby boy she had once wrapped in swaddling clothes, the child whom she kissed as he grew, now being barbarically tortured and drug through the streets. Instead the Blessed Mother would have silently prayed and silently she would have wept. As I continued to weep I knew that this is why we pray the Holy Rosary of the Virgin Mary. It is through her and her uncompromising love for Jesus that we too can learn to love. Learn to accept our sufferings and pray for God's will, and not ask why. Through her we learn to face our crosses and to do so with love.

This week as we venture deeper into the Passion of Jesus, it is essential we pray the Rosary not just say it. We must get to confession before Easter morning, we must take part in the Easter Triduum events and most definately include our children, we must change the way we live this week so that you may live different forever. Perhaps turning off the TV and radios, eating less praying more, sacrificing more, so we can LOVE BEST. I don't think we need to worry about doing all things perfectly nor doing all things. I think we need to show up. We need to come to Jesus' side and console Him. Tell Him we love Him by being present and he and his Mother will fill in all the gaps amidst our failings.

A few things that might be a welcome blessing and aid to Holy Week and your life:

Each of these beautiful items could prove to be beautiful sacramentals that not only will bless your Holy Week but your life and life of those around you. May you feel the love of Jesus and His Mother during this sacred time. May you show up and be ready to receive the love that Jesus has waiting for YOU!

All My Love to you dear souls! -Meg


Will I be heard?
Images property of Meghan Florkowski with Meg Florkowski Creative All Rights Reserved 2018

Images property of Meghan Florkowski with Meg Florkowski Creative All Rights Reserved 2018


Just begin they say. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. "But what will happen? Will this journey be worth the effort, will my agony really end? Will I be safe? How long will this take? Oh dear Lord please help me, please, please, please help me!" Perhaps just a few of the many thoughts voiced aloud, if not one of the many reserved close to the heart when we seek out a saint through prayer, begging for their help. 

Today is the Feast of St. Joseph, one of my most cherished Saintly friends. I should actually say mentor and protector. It's been years now since I have begun saying Novenas to St. Joseph, asking for his intercession for a myriad of reasons. Waiting patiently for the yes I've longed for, the answer I WANTED. Looking back I am not sure any of those requests were granted. Not that God refused my requests made through St. Joseph, instead I believe God's answer did come but not the one I wanted, not the way I wanted. This headstrong soul is now beginning to understand that the silence and denying of my request has been a "Wait, wait my child, now is not the right time, now is not the best time for your best interest." And so I've continued to wait, and wait for such a long time. 

In my waiting I have prayed for greater faith, for the strength of greater perseverance, for an increase in humility, for greater understanding, especially of the silence, all so that I may clearly hear what is God's will for me. Many tears have been shed, countless sacrifices and rosaries have been offered, so many times in confession asking for forgiveness for my lack of faith. Yet I continue to return to the devotion of saying Novenas, while my circumstances have never truly changed, I have. In my waiting I've learned to pray the Novena's not merely say them. And there is a difference. I'm learning to yield to the example of St. Joseph. He is teaching me how to grow in greater virtue, and in this planting season he is tending to what truly needs to be done in my life; a deeper curating of my soul.

In our present times where immediate gratification has become the norm and waiting for the better part is looked down upon, Novenas offer us a season of new birth, no matter the time of year. Will I be heard, might be a question we might ask ourselves when venturing to pray a Novena. But I truly think what we are really asking is "Will I get what I WANT?" Perhaps we will but maybe we won't. But I think more importantly we will be given what we truly need, what we need to grow closer in God's will for our better souls. It's in these seasons of waiting, mini Lent's if you will through the intercession and mentoring of the Saints, God tills the rocky soil of our hearts so that he can plant an abundance greater than what we were asking for, greater than our hearts content. 

Will I be heard? Yes my friend you will be heard! Will you get what you are asking for? You will indeed receive something, but it will be far better than anything you could have planned. I'd encourage anyone who has not gotten to know to St. Joseph to do so and soon. I am constantly amazed at how he continues to guide and bless my soul and especially that of my family and in such gentle and loving of ways. While we do not hear a lot about or from St. Joseph don't underestimate his saintly worth or his value in salvation history. He was the foster father of Jesus, do you not think, that one who cared for the Christ Child will not care for you? He will indeed and you will also be blessed with the most faithful of friends.

May you be blessed by St. Joseph and may you know you will ALWAYS be heard! All my love to you. -Meg

He Is Waiting For Us

We can never take lightly this image. Our entire life exists and has its purpose because of how far Jesus stretched his arms out in pure love for us. If you have been far from God and His Son Jesus, please take the first step back. There is always more than enough room for you no matter what you've done. I humbly make the invitation to find your local Catholic Church...He loves you no matter what. Please know along with myself there are endless people that pray for you. Take the first step, He knows your name and longs to see your face.