The Meg Florkowski Difference


What will you find when you are a customer of Meg Florkowski?

Right off the bat you will see nothing that you have seen before in other places. Meg strives to provide the highest quality items; from original art & design, to the paper and materials that she chooses to use, She pairs with other businesses within the United States and local vendors when possible with an extreme attention to detail. While sometimes it may be an adjustment in thinking when it comes to purchasing art and art services,  in the end we think you will come to appreciate the value and high quality you receive. Meg truly embodies "Creativity for the Soul".

However we live in a world that has quickly become accustomed to huge box store items and pricing; usually in bulk that we seldom question the quality of the goods and exactly where something is produced. Sadly we have become a culture that rarely appreciates real and true beautiful goods; real art and design much less purchasing items that reflect this sensitivity. We have grown unaccustomed to a culture of ugly and we can't even distinguish the ugly from the beautiful.


For many, purchasing art and religious items for our homes has become a thing of the past. All happening without a thought as to the repercussions of not having both.

Being a customer with Meg Florkowski you will be making a small conscience decision to begin to change the worlds culture within your own home. You will always be purchasing hand made items made with the highest attention to meaning and detail, produced with materials that give the best quality and feel.

Art, Design and loving Jesus and His Mother is a fully active experience. One that should awaken all your senses from the touch of the paper, to the beautiful colors you will see, to the smell of freshly printed works, to the sound of paper wrapping your purchase to the taste of life's beauty. While we know our pricing of goods may be different than what you may be accustomed to, we guarantee you that you will not be disappointed with what you see and hopefully take home. Our hope and prayer for you is that in a small way you will begin to feel the joy of beauty once again. 

With our deepest love and prayers. Thank You for choosing to shop with us and linger on our site.