About Meg

Meghan "Meg" Florkowski is a Catholic artist, designer, educator, catechist and writer holding a B.S. and M.AE. in Art Education. With over a decade of teaching Meg has now turned her creativity and gifts to creating art through the use of a wide variety of media. It is through her art and personal witness to Mary's divine intercession in her life that she hopes to inspire and touch hearts in their deepest sense so that you too will experience the beautiful gifts of grace, renewal and mercy given by Jesus and the Blessed Mother Mary. 

Megs work predominately focuses on Christian and Catholic subjects, while maintaining traditional values and integrity towards her themes with a fresh attention to detail and historical integrity, while maintaining deep Catholic traditions.


The hope of Meg Florkowski is to create a renewed desire to bring God and His Holy Church back into homes and peoples lives in the form of fresh art, design, innovative family and children's items and future programming. If the world and Church is to be more fully alive it needs to start in the home with the family. What better way than through prayer, beautiful art and resources for todays family. Meg lives in the Midwest with her husband and four children.

Thank you for taking the time to visit. We look forward to offering you a bit of beauty and inspiration to help guide you and your family on its way to knowing God and His Blessed Mother more fully.

 Abundant blessings & peace. Totus Tuus



"Its a joy for me to be able to listen to my customers and hear not only their words but their hearts as well. As an artist I am humbled to be invited into the lives of others. In doing so I am afforded a precious gift of being able to create works that not only inspire but give a visual voice to another's faith, passions, trials and life's journey.

I firmly believe that each individual that I serve is indeed a hand picked blessing from above. I look forward to counting you among those blessings."

-Meg Florkowski