Novena to Mary Undoer of Knots

undoer of knots.jpg

The devotion comes from the second century. Saint Irenaeus explained it, saying, "The knot of Eve's disobedience was untied by the obedience of Mary; what the virgin Eve bound by her unbelief, the Virgin Mary loosened by her faith."  Basically, the Blessed Virgin Mary can undo the knots in our lives! 

Whatever has separated us from God and hardened our hearts - be it violence, pride, the absence of peace, anguish, despair, depression, sickness or discord -- Mary has such compassion for us and prays for us to her son, Jesus Christ. 

The Novena will begin on May 15th -- that's less than one week away! So be sure to share this novena with all of your friends and family before then. 

You can sign up to pray the novena HERE. with Pray More Novenas John-Paul & Annie -